“Ko au te awa Ko te awa ko au”



“E rere kau mai te awa nui nei, Mai i te kahui maunga ki tangaroa”

About us

Our brand, country and people

Our brand

A new beginning

Just as every premium brand of spring water is associated with its country of origin, New Zealand Pure was created as both a brand and identity to proudly and respectfully portray the very essence of New Zealand.
There are many ways to describe spring water, and often there are romantic and mythical stories attached to the springs themselves.
Sometimes the most simple description can have the most meaning, in any language.
We worked with the Māori Language Commission, ‘Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori’ to give meaning to the spiritual identity of New Zealand Pure.
Wai Puna Manawa…water from the heart of the earth.

Our People

Guardians of the land

New Zealand was first inhabited by the Māori, who were Polynesian people that migrated south from Hawai’iki, some one thousand years ago.
The Māori developed a culture based on guardianship and protection of the land, which has been handed down from generation to generation so that the essence of guardianship is now instilled in all New Zealanders and as a concept, it is protected by law.
In the Māori tradition, people are part of the universe. This brings interdependence among all life forms, and all aspects of the physical and spiritual worlds.
It is through love and respect for the lands, waters and atmosphere that our physical and spiritual sustenance and survival can be assured.
Therefore there is a need to live in harmony with nature, rather than attempt to conquer and rule it.
New Zealand Pure embodies these traditional Māori values, and the values of all New Zealanders.

Our Country

Land of the long white cloud

Isolated deep in the Southern Pacific Ocean lies the remote natural paradise that is New Zealand. A country that is renowned for its clean green image, and environmental purity.
Surrounded by oceans, New Zealand’s geographic isolation and temperate climate may be the very reasons that it leads the world as a producer of organic food and beverages.
New Zealand’s vast natural spring water resources are regarded as amongst the most pure and sustainable in the world.

Our water

Pure still, Pure effervescence

A premium natural spring water of unmatched quality and purity, that New Zealand’s unique natural environment has provided for the world…

New Zealand Pure is sourced from the pristine Kauri Springs in the Far North of New Zealand.

Kauri Springs is located by a native rainforest on the slopes of Mount Pukearoro and surrounded by an ancient, but now extinct, volcanic plateau.

The source water is organically filtered under great pressure by volcanic sediments, rich in minerals, for hundreds of years, resulting in naturally high levels of silica in colloidal form.

Once this natural filtration process is complete, the water comes to the surface through its own pressure and emanates from naturally aspiring artesian springheads found throughout Kauri Springs.



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